Gentoo Tools
April 19, 2007, 5:28 pm
Filed under: gentoo, open source

Gentoo is know as a hard linux distribution, in fact, only the installation is a hard process, everything else is just a piece of cake.

Ok, it’s not easy as ubuntu, but with the right tools, everyone can make magic.

IMHO, no one can have all Gentoo experience without:

  1. equery (useful when you need information, as USE flags, depends, package contents, etc)
  2. eix ( excellent search packages program )
  3. euse (USE flags )
  4. revdep-rebuild (after an emerge -NDuav world, to fix broken packages)
  5. module-rebuild rebuild -X ( after an kernel update, rebuild old modules to fit with your new kernel)

Equery, euse and revdep-rebuild are part of gentoolkit ( emerge gentoolkit), eix and module-rebuild have their own package.

And, of course, vim for everything else 😛


using zenity with emerge
April 3, 2007, 6:48 pm
Filed under: gentoo, open source

Zenity is a great tool, it creates a gtk dialog box using shell commands.

The following line shows how you can make a emerge without worry waiting for a terminal response.

emerge -NDupv world >/tmp/newpackage && zenity --text-info --filename=/tmp/newpackage && zenity --question --text="emerge?" && emerge -NDuv world